About us



Our mission

"Inspiring people to live healthier and more consciously through natural products, sustainable initiatives and self-development and social involvement."

Pure Oriental is a social enterprise founded in 2021 with the aim of focusing on a healthy & sustainable life and making a social contribution to the less fortunate. Our focus is on clean skin care and nutrition; as many Halal, vegan, natural and truth-based products for outer & inner care as possible.

We stand for transparency, quality, self-care, a sustainable way of thinking, with a high degree of responsibility.

Pure Oriental is a name we chose to indicate that we go for pure, honest products with a touch of our oriental roots."
In a world where you are surrounded by toxins in the air and in your food, unnecessary synthetic ingredients in cosmetics, and where you are thrown to death with plastic/paper with every purchase you make.
We think it is time that people should be made aware of what they use and eat.
It should be self-evident to live a healthier and sustainable life. Control must be put back in the hands of us, not the big companies that do everything just to make money.
We try to help by offering nutrition and products that will give you even more life energy. But ultimately you have to do it by consuming healthier and more consciously.

S. Taadou
J. Yahiati